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The Real Truth about Selling Your Home When You Change Jobs & Locations

Lisa DeFonce  |  May 3, 2023

The Real Truth about Selling Your Home When You Change Jobs & Locations

Moving to a new city for work is an exciting opportunity, but it also comes with significant challenges. For instance, simultaneously moving and selling a home more than doubles the potential stress. However, with the right strategies, you can make the process smoother.

This blog will guide you through options for selling your Harrison real estate, offer tips and tricks for selling Harrison homes quickly, and share what to do if you cannot sell your home before you move. It will also demonstrate why having the right real estate agent on your side makes the process much more straightforward and enjoyable.

Explore your options

There are various approaches to selling your home, and you should explore your options before deciding. Begin by researching the current market conditions and determining whether now is even the right time to sell. You can then weigh the pros and cons of leasing your home or selling it, as each option has advantages and disadvantages. You will also want to gather all necessary documents, such as title deeds, to ensure the process runs smoothly. You can then prepare your home for sale by taking care of repairs, staging the property, and setting a competitive price.

While you may be tempted to consider selling your home on your own, such sales usually take longer while also greatly magnifying the work you have to do. Alternatively, some services may offer to buy the home from you outright, but always remember those companies have to make a profit, which means you will get nowhere near your home's actual market value. That is why working with an agent specializing in relocation sales is your best bet for a timely sale that does not leave money on the table.

Consider the timing of your move

Timing is critical when planning a move. Weekends tend to be busy for movers, so aim for a weekday move to avoid added stress. It is also essential to consider the time of year and even the day of the week that you will be moving so you can plan accordingly.

For instance, peak times like summer and the end of the month may result in higher moving costs, while moving during the off-season may offer discounts. Finally, scheduling your move at least a few weeks in advance will give you more options and help avoid last-minute surprises.

Leverage online resources

The internet has made it much easier to advertise your home and reach a broad audience even when your time is limited. However, it is still crucial to promote and market your home accurately. The last thing you want is to waste time on potential buyers who will lose interest once they see the actual home.

Creating an online listing with clear photos and detailed property descriptions can maximize exposure. You will also want to use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach even more people. Targeted advertising methods such as pay-per-click or display ads can also be a cost-effective way to promote your home. Work with a real estate agent with solid modern marketing experience for the best possible results and a successful sale.

Invest in the right  repairs and upgrades

Identify any cleaning, repairs, and upgrades that your home will need. Evaluate your budget and timeline and then talk with your agent to help decide what is necessary and what can wait. Of course, you will want to be sure that any upgrades, repairs, or renovations can be completed before you sell.

Prioritize safety-related upgrades or repairs that will affect the value of your home. This could include addressing any mechanical issues before listing the house, such as servicing the air conditioning and heating systems. You may also want to schedule a pre-listing inspection to flag any issues that pose a health or safety risk.

Stage your home to maximize appeal

Staging can make all the difference when looking to sell your home quickly. Start by depersonalizing your home to create a blank canvas for potential buyers and help them envision themselves owning and living in the home.

When painting or decorating, create a cohesive color palette with neutral tones and natural materials to produce a warm and inviting atmosphere. Highlight the most appealing features of your home with lighting, furniture, and decorative accents. You can also use strategic lighting to highlight architectural features such as wood beams or exposed brick.

Consider professional photography and videography

Professional photography and videography can make a big difference when selling your home under a tight deadline. Professional photographers and videographers can provide high-quality images and videos that capture your home's best features. Professional video and 3D imaging of the home's layout can also help the listing stand out and attract buyers.

Professional listing photos are a must for selling a home quickly. They may already be included in your real estate agent's services. Alternatively, your agent may recommend photographers or videographers with whom they have had good experiences. When choosing a professional photographer or videographer, consider their portfolio, experience, quality of equipment, and customer service.

List your home at a competitive price

One of the essential steps in selling your home quickly is determining a listing price that is competitive and fair. This starts with researching similar homes in your area to get an idea of what a fair and reasonable price would be. You will also need to account for any upgrades or renovations that have added value to your home. You can also hire a professional appraiser to get an unbiased opinion of your home's value.

Most importantly, your real estate agent's experience in the market will provide indispensable insights into determining the right asking price. Your agent can advise on pricing and help you list your home quickly without cutting any corners. By setting an appropriate price and working with an expert in the industry, you can increase your chances of selling your house fast without making unnecessary compromises.

Be open to negotiations

While negotiating can be intimidating, reviewing all offers carefully and preparing to make trade-offs between price and other factors, such as closing costs or repairs, is vital.

Working closely with your real estate agent to determine an acceptable offer that meets your needs can help ensure your home's successful and timely sale. Consider offering incentives to buyers, such as closing cost assistance or a decreased sale price, to entice a quicker offer. You may also include a contingency clause in your counteroffer that addresses what will happen if the buyer cannot complete the deal within a specified timeframe.

What if you cannot sell your home before you move?

If your home needs repairs or preparation before it is ready to list, consider selling it "as-is." On the other hand, if you already have a new home lined up and can afford to manage two homes at once, you could wait to sell. For instance, you may be open to renting out your previous home or looking into tax relief programs to help cover expenses.

You can also explore creative alternatives such as lease-to-own arrangements or bridge loans. Whatever approach you take, it is critical to consult with an experienced real estate agent to gain advice and insights on pricing and marketing strategies. Working with the right professionals will mitigate the stress of buying and selling a home while changing jobs and locations.

Find an agent specializing in relocations

An experienced agent specializing in relocation sales can help you navigate the process quickly and efficiently. They understand the nuances of relocating for work and have a network of resources and contacts to assist you. Moreover, an agent such as Lisa DeFonce understands the Harrison real estate market and how to sell a home quickly without compromising too much on the home's value. She can streamline the process and ensure your home is sold quickly and conveniently for the best price.

Work With Lisa

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